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Pregnancy brings with it a lot of happiness, experiences, and changes. From the very moment when you discover you are pregnant until the time you are holding your baby, it is like a roller coaster of emotions. And it is mostly seen when you have delivered the baby… yes, we are talking about the post delivery phase. The biggest challenge that most new moms face post delivery is getting back in shape without compromising on their health nutrition. The inundation of tips and expert suggestions take no time to leave you perplexed and wondering which way to go. Some of them may be facts but the rest could just be myths. So, how would you identify? Don’t worry! We have got your back. In this article, we are busting a few post delivery weight loss myths to help you make the right choice.

1. Nursing helps you shed off those extra kilos: Well, nursing can help you lose weight, but only to a certain extent. And it’s different for everyone. It depends on the number of nursing sessions, the age of your baby, and of course your metabolism.

2. Cutting calories while nursing helps lose weight: No, absolutely not! Restricting diet while breastfeeding your baby is a bad idea. New moms who breastfeed must consume additional calories to keep their milk production flowing and to restore energy.

3. Lose the baby weight immediately: Don’t be harsh to yourself. Your body took nine months to be able to deliver your young one. So, wait at least nine to let it heal physically. Give yourself some grace and leniency and be kind to yourself.

Besides this, some people even say that it is difficult to find time for exercising with a baby. But, that’s not the truth! You just have to find ways to manage everything. Take help from your family or you can even enroll for online fitness classes, if stepping out is not possible. Enjoy this beautiful phase of life, embrace it and work on your body gradually. So, don’t fall for such myths and focus on a healthy lifestyle for your little one.

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