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Are you fond of eating a delicious traditional Punjabi diet in Ahmedabad or throughout Gujarat?

Healthy2bfit have a clear understanding of your expectations in relation to keeping dietary priorities in place while staying and living far away from Punjab.

Our expert dietitians are here to guide you through a healthy yet delicious way to indulge in your favorite Punjabi dishes while ensuring you remain healthy and fit.

Challenges of Following a Punjabi Diet in Ahmedabad

Common challenges of living in Ahmedabad and trying to stick with a diet native to Punjab are:

Finding Ingredients

Traditional Punjabi ingredients, such as certain spices and lentils and fresh produce, can be very hard to find in the local markets; this will definitely make it difficult to prepare authentic dishes.


Local Cuisine

Matching the taste of your tongue between your love for Punjabi food and the local food is difficult.


Busy Schedules

The busy schedule in Ahmedabad can give you very less time for preparing the elaborated traditional Punjabi meal. Busy work, family, and social life may combine to throw all your usual eating habits haywire.


Healthy Alternatives

One can't easily decide the source of all that is going in to create the taste and its richness, which many times comes with high calories and fats. To make these dishes a healthy alternative, you must know the sources of making the food totally healthy while not compromising its taste.

Why Move to a Punjabi Diet in Ahmedabad

All said and done, there are many reasons to go about adopting a Punjabi diet in Ahmedabad.
Cultural Connection: It feels good to know that you can follow your Punjabi diet and be connected with your roots in cultural tradition. It is an excellent way to preserve your heritage, especially when you are very far from home. Maintain Well-Balanced Diet: Punjabi cuisines comprises quite a number of healthful foods, namely lentils, vegetables, and whole grains. These kinds of foods are able to provide vitamins and minerals that are very important to your health. Tasty and Satisfying: Punjabi food is known to be delicious and satisfying. When you follow a Punjabi diet, there will be no dearth of superb food, which is also very satisfying in nature. Family and Social Relations: Binging on Punjabi food or even cooking it can bring the whole family closer. Enjoying a traditional meal can help knit a closer community.
Punjabi Diet in ahmedabad

Advantages of a Punjabi Diet

There are several benefits to a Punjabi diet plan, especially with the proper guidance:
Here's how we at Healthy2bfit assist you:
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Balanced Nutrition

The regular diet followed by a majority of people in Punjab is definitely rich in terms of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, with an ample amount of fiber from the vegetables and lentils.

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Good for the Heart

Most recipes in the Punjabi cuisine call for garlic, ginger, and turmeric all the time. It is proven that these can be very heart-friendly.

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Weight Management

Punjabi food is not too bad for weight management efforts if taken in adequate portions and cooked using healthier methods.

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Boosted Immunity

Some of the spices used in the cuisine include cumin, coriander, and fenugreek, among many others, all of which are immunity boosters and keep one fit and fine.

How Healthy2bfit Can Help

At Healthy2bfit, we understand the predicament one gets into while thinking of a Punjabi diet amidst the fast-paced life of Ahmedabad. Here’s how we can help you:

Personalized Meal Plans
We will help prepare a personalized meal plan including all of your favorite Punjabi dishes with a healthful and balanced approach.
Sourced Ingredients for Substitutes
We can provide information on local alternatives to the traditional Punjabi ingredients to help you in the ease of preparation of authentic dishes.
Quick and Easy Recipes
Our team provides the best and unique recipes that cater to your busy lifestyle, so that you can relish home-cooked food without having to spend hours in the kitchen.
Ongoing Support
Continuous motivation and direction based on the diet plan. Our dieticians will always be available to answer your queries and help with any necessary adjustments in plans.
Workshops and Cooking Classes
Participate in our workshops and cooking classes to learn new recipes and techniques in cooking. Learn from people like you who enjoy Punjabi food and share and receive ideas.

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