Bread and roti

We are a generation that is always in a hurry. So, we look for options that are easily available and convenient. For instance, when we run out of rotis to eat with the curry, we get our hands on the brown bread, thinking that it’s the next best option. While bread is handy and available in varieties, Rotis take time to make and therefore bread takes the front seat. However, the big question is, is this easily available convenient option healthier for weight loss? Let’s take a look at some of the facts that will help you make the right choice in the end.

1. Rotis are made of whole wheat flour which is full of dietary fiber. Whereas, on the other hand, breads are believed to be made of refined flour (maida), which makes it an unhealthy option.

2. For roti, there is no fermentation, processing, or adding preservatives is required, which means the nutrient content of the roti remains intact. Whereas, the breads go through a lot of processing with added emulsifiers which mars the nutrition that it could offer otherwise.

3. Talking about the shelf life of both roti and bread, the rotis can become stale easily, whereas the breads stay fresh for about a week. The rotis are made and consumed fresh. While the preservatives in the bread make it fresh for weeks.

4. Another interesting fact is the yeast in bread makes it fluffy which may not be a good idea for the digestive system.

So, it is clear that Roti wins as it is way more nutritious than bread. We are not asking you to completely give up on bread. But, be careful what kind of bread you are choosing and don’t use it as a replacement for freshly cooked rotis.

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