Junk food

Do you find yourself looking for a bag of chips to curb your midday hunger? Or do you often grab a burger and cola while driving back home? If you are doing this and trying to lose weight, then stop! Put down that packet of fries and read this article as we are going to tell you how junk food sabotages your overall health and efforts to lose weight.

Junk food may look appealing and pleasing to your tastebuds, but it does more bad to your body than any good. The temporary pleasure may ruin your health and lead to weight gain. Read on to know how…

Junk food is packed with high sodium, artificial food color, trans fats, and high carbs. It puts your health at risk of being overweight, developing heart problems, and even diabetes. Let’s have a look at why junk food is a problem:

1. Low in fiber: Junk foods are low in fiber that helps you feel full. That’s the reason, it is easy to overeat them.

2. High in fat: Junk foods are loaded with trans fats and saturated fats that can raise blood cholesterol levels; this may increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

3. High in sugar: Junk food contains added sugar which add calories and over time contribute to weight gain, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.

4. High in salt: Junk foods are high in sodium. Eating too much salt is linked to high blood pressure, high disease, and stroke.

So, what’s the solution? Well, you can prepare your meals at home at least five days a week. You can also avoid buying any food items containing high sodium, carbs, and sugar from the market. Learn to say ‘no’ to junk and take help of your friends and family to support and encourage you in this endeavour.

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