Weight Loss

One of the most widespread and serious health issues facing people all over the globe today is obesity. It is linked to a cluster of diseases that, when considered together, are referred to as the metabolic syndrome. Increased blood sugar, High blood pressure, and an unfavourable blood lipid profile are some of these conditions.


• Obesity and weight growth seem to be hereditary for some individuals.
• Food addiction
• Engineered junk foods: There are a lot of tempting processed meals available in stores. Consumption of such goods is also associated with increased food intake.

Strong desires for eating, or even addiction, is experienced by certain individuals. This is particularly true for high-fat, sugary _junk meals that trigger the brain’s reward circuits.

Agressive marketing: Food manufacturers invest a significant amount of money into marketing junk food, often directing their efforts explicitly towards youngsters who are unable to recognise when they are being mislead due to a lack of education and experience.

Insulin: The development of obesity is associated with both elevated levels of insulin and insulin resistance. Reduce the amount of refined carbohydrates you consume and increase the amount of fibre you take in. This will help decrease insulin levels.

Certain medications: There is a possibility that taking some drugs might cause one to gain weight by either decreasing the number of calories that are expended or boosting hunger.

Maintaining a weight that is within the normal range is critical to one’s health. A healthy weight may be maintained or lost by paying close attention to both the quantity and the kind of food that is consumed on a daily basis.

Healthy2Bfit emphasizes a combination of traditional food wisdom and modern nutrition with a scientific approach considering all body parameters of an individual. With the help of doctors panel and fitness coaches, our nutrition professionals customize the unique meal plans to give the best and the healthiest version of you!

Tips for healthy weight loss

Though, Healthy2bfit gives customized meal plans according to the body type and requirements,there are some common but important tips to manage your weight

1. Eat on time
2. Have sleep of 7-8hrs daily
3. Stay hydrated
4. Eat a combination ofm1tritious food,not only protein but fiber,carb,micro and macro nutrients
5. Have light dinner
6. Do cycling or cardio atleast half an hour
7. Have herbal teas
8. Eat in intervals of2-3 hrs if your metabolism isn’t good enough
9. Ever skip your meals
10. Only gyming isn’t going to help, you always need a good nutrition
11. Manage your blood sugar and other health parameters
12. Never eat rice in dinner
13. Earplenryofgreens
14. Do not choose any artificial supplements or concoction in the name of weight loss drink

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