Weight gain is a subject that is often addressed in the realm of health and wellness, and this includes anything from trendy diets to exercise regimens. On the other hand, there are a lot of individuals in our world who have trouble putting on weight. Some individuals have a hard time gaining weight and staying at a healthy weight for a variety of reasons, including genetics and underlying medical conditions. The challenge may come from any of these sources. People who don’t seem to put on weight may have advantageous biological advantages, such as fast metabolism, more lean tissue, or higher muscular mass. It’s possible that they naturally have a higher calorie burn rate. An person might have just as many health risks associated with having a low weight as they can with having a high weight. It is possible that a person’s body is not receiving the nutrients it needs to create strong bones, skin, and hair if they have a low body mass index (BMI).

Risks of being Underweight

Osteoporosis: According to studies, a woman’s chance of developing osteoporosis, a condition where the bones become fragile and more prone to fracturing, is significantly increased when she is underweight.

Skin, hair or teeth problem: A person may exhibit physical symptoms, including poor dental health, dry skin, hair loss, or thinning skin, if they do not acquire enough nutrients in their regular diet. These symptoms may be caused by a lack of certain nutrients.

Low Immunity: If a person’s diet does not provide them with enough energy to keep their body weight at a healthy level, then it is possible that their diet does not provide them with enough nutrients to ward against illnesses.

Incredible Lathargy: A individual may feel fatigue if they are unable to consume sufficient calories to keep their weight at a healthy level.

Anemia: Anemia, also known as low blood counts, may produce symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, and tiredness. A person who is underweight has a higher risk of developing this condition.

  • Irregular periods
  • Premature birth
  • Slow growth

Causes of being Underweight

  • Family history (Genetics)
  • Hyperactive metabolism
  • More physical activity
  • Less appetite
  • Physical illness or chronic medical conditions such as thyroid, diabetes, IBS, GERD, etc
  • Mental illness like stress, anxiety, depression, or OCD

Diet tips for 

1. Adding snacks like high protein and whole grain carbs to your diet
2. Eating several times
3. Incorporating additional foods
4. Avoiding empty calories

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